Athlete Decay

As an artist and an athlete, I have grown to see how my athletic disciplines have influenced my artistic abilities. With my artistic style rooted in technical drawing, I wanted to explore the mixture of traditional art media with new media. It is important to me to capture the fine details of the human figure in order to paint a realistic story and express to the viewer the effects of age on an athlete both physically and mentally. Athletes go through a parabolic process as they age. First they gain strength and power, then hit their peak performance level, and finally decline as their bodies start to break down and become more susceptible to injuries and mental exhaustion. For my portrayal of “Decay”, I wanted to illustrate the concept of athletes declining in power and vigor as they pass their peak performance age. I did so by illustrating three different time periods in this track athlete’s life, showcasing the effects of age on her physical and mental abilities as an athlete. As a track athlete myself, I find it interesting the science behind an athlete’s physical and mental abilities, and the role that age plays in the ability to perform.

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