Going Back

"Going Back" is a joint gallery show where my partner and I looked to explore the art of storytelling. In “Going Back,” my partner and I asked 200 people to give us a glimpse into their narrative by asking, “What reminds you of home?” As we collected their memories, we began to see individual personality and also common-threads, such as contact with loved-ones, a nostalgic sense of place, and a connection with the senses. As designers, we took these stories and wove them into illustrations of home. For my piece titled, "The Meaning of Home", I chose to illustrate these stories of home in a data visualization way, similar to the infographic style. Reading through all of the stories, I found myself picking out the similarities and differences of each and started to form patterns of this data in my head. Representing my findings in a scientific way allowed for me to give the viewer the opportunity to form their own story, which was my goal. I chose to illustrate three main topics that were all found to be common in the stories. These topics were similarities of home, where home is located, and the impact of the five senses when remembering home.

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